Naxos - Schoinousa 23-30 September 2019

  • 7 nights, 8 days € 4.200,00 per person

  • The price includes:

  • Ground transportation within Greece during tour dates, full accommodation, first class ferry tickets (for select tours), private hands-on cooking classes (all ingredients will be provided), restaurants, street food, wine and beer, bar coupons for hard liquor, fees to archeological sites, museums and taxes.


  • Naxos

  • Naxos is the greenest and largest of the Cycladic islands and very different from its neighboring islands. Renowned for its rich history and beautiful architecture. Naxos is the most fertile island of the Cyclades. It has a good supply of water in a region where water is usually inadequate with Mount Zeus (1,004 meters or 3,294 feet) the highest peak in the Cyclades, tends to trap the clouds, permitting greater rainfall. This has made agriculture an important economic sector with various vegetable and fruit crops as well as cattle breeding; making Naxos the most self-sufficient island in the Cyclades, well known within Greece for its cheese, potatoes and Kitron, a local lemon-citrus fruit…

    It was the center of archaic Cycladic culture and a popular tourist destination.

    Here you will cook, forage, swim, fish, milk goats, make cheese and bread, walk through the street of Naxos, visit archaeological sites and the nearby island of Schinousa, watch the most spectacular sunset by the magical and historical site of Portara!!!

  • Be part of Naxos culinary tour and Savor the island with us!

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